Call me Caspar! My Unfinished Business

Unfinished BusinessThere is a lot of advice out there on choosing your Most Important Actions above and beyond your To DO list. Doing the things that will allow you to really get ahead with your plan in life first and foremost! I find thing advice EXTREMELY difficult to follow. With my interests branching out in all sorts of directions, most that don’t link up at all, I have so many things to work on. Choosing only a few to really make an impact on my goals seems impossible! So I have chosen to name my MIA’s for the next few weeks… drum-roll…

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Put your Best Foot Forward

Put your best foot forward everyday!

Putting my best foot forward on National Barefoot Day!

Starting off right; getting out of bed on the right side; beginning with a bang; putting your best foot forward…

Every major project, event, business, etc. you want to get it off to a good start! You prepare, plan and hope that it goes well right from get go. But why only for the big stuff??

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