Mini Mechanics: Gulliver’s Engine Removal

Engine Out

Fixing up a car twice your age is a really confusing process! I am constantly learning new things, and nodding to words that could mean “we are taking your un-mechanic ass for a ride”. So far our introduction into mini mechanics has been a whirl of information, but it is really an exciting process!  Continue reading

Am I really doing the Put Foot Rally?

Thats us! In the Paper!

Thats us! In the Paper!

With 2 and half months to go, our plans are starting to come together. Details are being smoothed over, maps poured over to make sure we have worked out our timeline.

We are planning our leave, checking up on vaccinations needed and when on earth will we fit them in! And the car, oh the car! Continue reading

Car Mechanics: WTF is up with that!?

I Love Classic CarsAll my life I have had this love affair with Classic Cars.

To me it was always such a romantic idea. You buy this old, stylish, beauty and start step-by-step fixing it up. You get to know the car inside and out, learning what makes it tick, what makes it stop ticking and of course how to look awesome while working on it. Continue reading

Crashed into a Pole! (and the year long repairs)

big-little-miss-whoopsAsk anyone who knows me, and you would find out that I am actually a terrible driver (not a very good thing considering my life long dream of Driving up Africa).

My first car and I ended up in several awkward situations where the car came out looking worse for wear (read: I crashed it a lot). But who hands a young girl a powerful polo, and expects her not to get a little speed crazy?! 

Continue reading