Put your Best Foot Forward

Put your best foot forward everyday!

Putting my best foot forward on National Barefoot Day!

Starting off right; getting out of bed on the right side; beginning with a bang; putting your best foot forward…

Every major project, event, business, etc. you want to get it off to a good start! You prepare, plan and hope that it goes well right from get go. But why only for the big stuff??

Scale down a bit.

Beginning of a new year, you make plans, set goals and try to get Januaryoff the ground in the best way possible… First of the month, you have a schedule. This month you will achieve “x” or save “y”.

Scale down a bit more…

Mondays are the worst for majority of people. Its the beginning of the weekly cycle of life. But we try to get the week of to a good start, we feel more motivated to start something new, attack a long standing To Do list item.

Scale down one last time…

Daily. Getting a good start shouldn’t only be about the big things. Waking up and bouncing out of bed with a plan of attack EVERYDAY is the best way to really get your shit done!!

If every goal/dream we have is broken down into steps, and those steps broken down into daily actions… If we start our days right, focused, energetic, and ready to attack!? We will break those goals/dreams down quickly and efficiently, until the days comes where you bounce out of bed to see that dream is a reality!

And so, here is my personal Put Your Best Foot Forward plan:

1. Wake up at a decent time

My schedule is pretty light in the mornings, with my day job only starting at 11am. This gives me plenty of time to work on projects outside of my job IF I wake up. It’s all to easy to stay up late the night before, and sleep in the next day because I don’t have to be anywhere! BUT if I simply wake up at a decent time, there are hours everyday, just waiting for me to utilize!

2. The right Mindset, the right Bodyset

For me, being in the right frame of mind is so important to getting shit done. So what I love to do first thing when I wake up is a little bit of Yoga. Anything from a 3min wake up routine, to a 45min intensive session helps me clear my head, get my blood moving and feel grounded and ready to attack my To Do list! Also the whole exercise = endorphin’s = happiness thing really does work wonders!

3. Food

This one is the hardest for me. I don’t always feel hungry, or like what’s in my fridge. It’s super easy for me to just not eat in the mornings. But when I have something quick and light to eat, it helps me get to lunch time without a energy dip, helps me keep alert, and not end up gorging later because I am hungry. A smoothie, or some toast is best! Don’t overeat in the morning though… cause then you’ll feel sluggish and lazy all day!

4. Get Down and Dirty

Getting something done in the morning, sets the tone for my day. If I can tick something of my To Do list first thing; everything else looks doable. It can be as simple as tidying up my desk that has been bugging my for a week, doing the dishes, or something bigger like working on a blog post. Just getting down and dirty with my To Do list works wonders on my outlook!

And that’s it folks! The best way for me to attack my day from the get go! I don’t always get everything done everyday. But even just one or two can help me get off to a good start and glide on through the rest of my day.

Do you have a “Put Your Best Foot Forward” Routine that sets the tone for your day?