Crashed into a Pole! (and the year long repairs)

big-little-miss-whoopsAsk anyone who knows me, and you would find out that I am actually a terrible driver (not a very good thing considering my life long dream of Driving up Africa).

My first car and I ended up in several awkward situations where the car came out looking worse for wear (read: I crashed it a lot). But who hands a young girl a powerful polo, and expects her not to get a little speed crazy?! 

After about a year and half of:

“Mom, I swear that car wasn’t there when I changed lanes”


“The road was wet, I was in the wrong lane and my back wheels just started sliding around!”


“I have absolutely no idea how the roof got dented, honest!”

I finally put the car to rest in the most horrifying accident of them all. A giant dog ran into the main road, and there was nothing I could do…

So when I found and bought Gulliver I am not sure what anybody expected… I had a history..

Two weeks after becoming a proud Classic Mini owner (something I dreamt about since I was 13), there was an unfortunate incident with a pole. Gulliver was left worse for wear and I was terribly heartbroken! (although I would like to add that the pole did not survive our meeting!)

Saddest Moment

The pole had it worse I promise!

After the accident, I figured now was as good a time as any to strip Gulliver down and re-paint. Due to lack of immediate funding, this process was going to take a while. I arranged for him to be dropped off at our trusty mechanic.. and so the work began. (turns out a while meant a year!)


Stipped, Panel beaten, and read for some colur!


Shiraz Red!


A new coat in the back too…


Almost there!!

Looking Sexy!!

While I realise that this has very little to do with turning him into an Amazing Trans-Lux Touring Mini, we did manage to sort some rust issues and replace the back doors with less broken versions, fix up the old seats, re-carpet the front and get a new bumper.

I see absolutely no reason why he shouldn’t look his very best for the world!

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