Am I really doing the Put Foot Rally?

Thats us! In the Paper!

Thats us! In the Paper!

With 2 and half months to go, our plans are starting to come together. Details are being smoothed over, maps poured over to make sure we have worked out our timeline.

We are planning our leave, checking up on vaccinations needed and when on earth will we fit them in! And the car, oh the car!

Gulliver is still in the shop… It’s the most sressful part of the preparations yet! We should still manage all the upgrades in time! We hope.

Two Weddings and A Lot of Food:

Our Rally plans took a bit of a back seat, when we flew to Cape Town to attend my cousin’s wedding. We spent almost exactly 24hours in the mother city, and didn’t even get to see the sea! Two weeks after that was Bennie’s sister’s wedding, which brought the rest of Bennie’s siblings to Johannesburg from their various corners of the earth. This was a great two week break from ‘real life’, chatting in the evenings, eating a lot, decorating cupcakes, and eating even more. Everybody left this weekend and, now that the dust has settled, we realise how close we actually are to the Put Foot Rally!

Balancing my OCD Planning:

Bennie and I have been pouring over maps; discussing our routes and site seeing options along the way. I have been checking and double checking the costs of border crossings, as well as the list of equipment I think we might need.

Swinging back and forth between just winging it and planning every detail, we have been trying to find the perfect balance. After a chance meeting with a previous Put Footer in Cape Town, we decided that we are going to try go for the ‘take it as it comes’ approach while on the road.

This approach conflicts enormously with my near obsessive research and planning habits. In order to not induce a full grown panic attack, we will be researching a bunch of places to stay along our route, but booking nothing. That way we can see where the road takes us during the trip, but have some back up plans if we can’t find anything before the sun sets!

Wait, are we really driving into Africa in a Classic Mini?

With all the To-Do lists, and To-Get lists, and Don’t-Forget lists, and the I-Lost-the-List-and-can’t-remember-what-was-on-it lists… It still hasn’t really sunk in. In the quiet moments between work and preparations, I find myself asking “Am I really doing the Put Foot Rally?”

It’s just over 2 months away, and I can’t actually picture us getting into that tiny car and driving up into Africa. It’s as if my imagination can’t strech that far yet. I am excited beyond belief. I am nervous. I am scared. I am amazed. I am worried. I am panic-y. I don’t think my brain will accept we are going until the morning we leave.

This will be my first time I am leaving South Africa. It will be the longest road-trip either Bennie or I have ever been on. It will be the first time our car’s reliability will be under serious question.

I know it’s going to amazing and mad. I know it’s going to be stressful and beautiful.


Am I really doing the Put Foot Rally?

I don’t know yet. My brain won’t accept it.

Things I do know:

Countries we are Driving Through:

  • South Africa, Namibia, Zambia, and Malawi. (Mozambique was officially removed from the rally due to safety concerns regarding some rebels; Zimbabwe is the best contender for getting home after Malawi.)

Animal I am mosted excited to see:

  • Elephant!

Aspect that’s worrying me the most right now (beside Gulliver):

  • Camping during cold desert nights in Namibia! Brrrrr!

Country I am most excited to get to :

  • The excitement of leaving South Africa tops them all. But second, defiantly Malawi.

As for our route… We are still working it out! Once there is something with less of the consistency of jelly, I will post an itinerary. Yay!