Gulliver – The week we met!

Some Quick Facts:

Name:                                   Gulliver
Age:                                      41years
Engine:                                 998cc
Wheel Size:                          10inch
Colour:                                  Red
Star Sign                               Aquarius
Where did he grow up:     Cape Town, South Africa.

The amazing story of Gulliver’s and my whirlwind romance:

Since I can remember, I have had this crazy obsession with Mini’s.  As the years went by my obsession grew and I knew one thing… the first car that I would ever buy, would be a Classic Mini.

Then, somehow my decision to own a Classic Mini grew into a bigger life plan. I am not sure how or when this happened – but buying a Mini became only the first step in my “Greater Life Plan”.

There are very few things better than that feeling of heading out on a Road Trip. That feeling of Adventures to come. Windows rolled down, music blasting, and a giant packet of biltong in the cooler box! Hair blowing in the wind. Road trip sing-a-longs and rolling landscapes flashing by…

I decided I was going to drive my future Mini up Africa.

In November 2012, I found that Mini. A beautiful, red 1972 Austin Mini Panel Van, and I fell in love immediately. It was better than I could have dreamed, and with a whole bunch of extra “boot” space for my trip! Within 4 days of finding him the deal was done, and he was mine.

The Mini had been brought up from Cape Town to JHB by the previous owner, and in passing he told me he had given the Mini a name because they had travelled so far:



Gulliver’s Travels – Jonathan Swift

We were destined to be together!

Here is a collection of what we get up to:

Check back here for more on the trials and triumphs of our relationship!