Lets Get Going!

So as my first post, I guess I need to say what this whole blog thing is about. Well… It’s about me and My Mini really.

It’s about travel, and breaking away from the way life should be, because I reckon life shouldn’t BE anything. Nothing is set in stone; it’s ever changing, flowing in unpredictable patterns. The one thing I have figured out: Is that nobody knows what they are doing. We all just stabbing around in the dark trying to get things to work out the way we want it to.

So Highway Carnival is about a small girl, teamed up with a small car and a tall boy attempting to do this “impossible task”. Attempting to take on the entire African Continent.

I hope to document this journey here, from dream to reality…

I hope it will be an entertaining and inspiring journey for all of us…

And I hope to hell we make it to the other side because if we don’t, that would suck.